Case study

BEAUNITED is a Graz based distribution company for international high quality cosmetic products. The company’s mission is to unite the world of beauty with the world of beauty brands.

Posted on 10.04.2018 at 09:10

Passion for beauty

BEAUNITED - cosmetics

The challenge

As early as 1998, Ingrid Schachner founded the distribution company for natural nail care JESSICA Cosmetics. Today, BEAUNITED comprises six different brands in the segments nail care, cosmetics, make up, hair removal and natural tanning. The main challenge was to make the wide range of products available in an online shop and find a reliable payment solution. 

Collaboration with Wirecard CEE

BEAUNITED relies on the payment solution Wirecard Checkout Seamless and greatly appreciates having just one partner for all available payment methods. This checkout solution allows for a consistent appearance since the payment process is integrated seamlessly and directly into the online shop. 

Mobile Commerce: Smartphone and tablet 

„M-Commerce has an enormous potential,“ emphasizes Sandro Schachner, Brand Manager at BEAUNITED, “that’s why a payment solution, which is suitable for all devices and platforms, is a must for our company.”

Advertising channels used by „BEAUNITED“

BEAUNITED shares information on different social media channels (Facebook and Instagram), has its own blog and sends out regular newsletters and direct mailing. 

Challenges and chances

When creating an online shop, the biggest challenge lies in the choice of the right partner for the technical implementation. Quick response and flexible handling are the key requirements. The second challenge is the continuous maintenance of all data. The golden rule: if you are not up-to-date online, you better stay offline. 

Tips & tricks for future online shop operators

The fundamental question is whether the expenditure and costs are worthwhile for your business. The maintenance effort, both in terms of time and staff, which is required after the shop was set up must be considered right from the beginning i.e. prior to implementation. 

Interview with Sandro Schachner, Brand Management