Case study

Conelcom GmbH is engaged in the manufacturing of programmable logic controllers (PLC) based on Arduino. At the first glance this may sound a bit complicated. However, behind the concept of PLC lies a world of great inventions and pioneering projects.

Posted on 07.08.2017 at 09:00

Programmable logic controllers

Conelcom - programmable logic controllers

One of the company’s products, CONTROLLINO, is implemented in a series of projects involving vending machines, liquid nitrogen ice cream machines, 3D metal printers and bicycle washing systems. Many startups already use this technology for their products or owe their first market maturity to it. Customer projects include escape games as well as building automation (swimming pools, industrial buildings, and offices) and home automation systems i.e. (remote) control of heating, lights, blinds, and the like. CONTROLLINO is the answer when it comes to sensors, switches, relays, motors, lights, power or sound and when control tasks can be performed better, cheaper and simpler than with any conventional solution.

The challenge

Prior to launching an online shop it is advisable to define the required functions as precisely as possible. When multilingual online shops, different price ranges or complex configurations are a must-have, some platforms are excluded right from the beginning.
The greatest challenge for Conelcom is the integration of existing logistical structures which offers extensive opportunities both for automation and cost saving.

Collaboration with Wirecard CEE

Collaboration between Wirecard CEE and the responsible advertising agency was perfect. The project was implemented quickly and without great effort.

Conelcom takes advantage of the seamless integration of the online payment solution into their online shop, the manifold payment methods, the reasonable pricing and the competent, fast and friendly support offered by Wirecard CEE.

Advertising channels used by „Conelcom“

Conelcom sends out well-targeted newsletters, actively uses Facebook and Twitter and participates in industry-related trade fairs. Conventional print advertising is not frequently used; however, online advertising, such as Google Adwords, is used very much.

At the moment the company does not work with any customer loyalty instruments such as loyalty cards.  Conelcom offers a niche product which is characterized by an exceptionally high user involvement and enthusiasm for the product. Therefore, there is great ambition to clearly stand out from the competition.

Customer support

Conelcom’s customers know exactly what they need and what they want. Nobody visits the online shop and then learns what CONTROLLINO is used for. Customers are technicians, programmers or engineering offices, all of them experts in programming. Customer support is of great importance to the company. Many projects are realized in direct cooperation with customers.

The future

Currently, Conelcom is engaged in the extension of their product range for which a series of pioneering products are waiting in the pipeline. As regards sales, focus is on the company’s participation in industry-related trade fairs where direct contacts to customers and multipliers are established.

Tips & tricks for future online shop owners

The elemental questions are: “Is there online demand for the product?” and “Is cost-efficient shipment possible?” When it comes to implementation, cooperation with an experienced and dedicated partner is essential. All that is needed is a readiness to learn. Familiarization with individual shop systems is quick and first sales will compensate for the initial effort.

Interview with Marco Riedesser, CTO and Christian Lechner, Sales & Marketing