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Whether you're interested in classic bitter-sweet chocolates or unusual variations with wild herb jelly, the family-run business of Felber Schokoladen uses regional producers for its creations and focuses on conserving resources. You can browse through their wide selection and order the sweet delicacies directly at

Posted on 23.01.2018 at 10:10

An Assorted, Sweet World of Chocolate

Felber Chocolate

The challenge

The Felber family bakery, which has been in the baking business for several generations, is in the heart of Birkfeld in Styria. Since 2004 the family-run company has also dedicated itself to sweet indulgences and produces original creations in its own chocolate factory. Individuality and regionalism are very important to the Felber Schokoladen business. The delicacies are exclusively handmade. This allows them to respond flexibly to consumer requests and to form a company logo out of chocolate, for instance. To meet the high demand, the company has decided to launch its business online. 

Cooperation with Wirecard CEE 

The company was above all extremely pleased with how fast it was set up, requiring little effort and making a quick task out of the technical integration of Wirecard Checkout Page. The consumer can now easily and safely pay in the online shop as well as choose between several payment methods.

Marketing channels used by “Felber Schokoladen”

The primary marketing channels used are newsletters, consumer loyalty cards and of course information about the products themselves. Setting up Google Adwords campaigns is also planned for the future.

Mobile commerce: Smartphones and tablets 

Since the key word “mobile commerce” will continue to play a major role in e-commerce in 2018, it was important to Stefan Felber, Managing Director of Felber Schokoladen, to include mobile end-user devices, which are on the rise, when selecting a payment solution. “The consumer does not want to wait long to pay. Most importantly, the transaction needs to be fast and easy,” he explains. 

Challenges and opportunities in launching an e-commerce platform 

“These days online shops need to be easy to use. They need to provide optimal usability and a transparent checkout process. Otherwise, the consumer will immediately bail,” Stefan Felber says.

Interview with Stefan Felber, Managing Director