Case study

The idea was born in spring 2013 when Berry, a cute little dog, turned family life completely upside down. The decision to produce dog food and treats was made when the amount of food Berry devoured daily became clear and after taking a closer look into the dog food´s ingredients.

Posted on 01.10.2018 at 11:13

Only the best for your four-legged friend

HUNDEJAUSE - Snack for the Dog

The challenge

The credo was: Only the most nutritious chicken-based dog food ensures a balanced diet for your furry friend. This is the very reason why “Hundejause”, German for “dog snack”, only uses ingredients that are 100 % organic and 100 % made of chicken. The company also guarantees to only use the most superior ingredients for their snack specialties. 

Collaboration with Wirecard CEE

For “Hundejause”, collaboration with Wirecard CEE is a complete success: processes have been simplified and the payment solution works extremely well. From consulting to implementation, Wirecard CEE has supported and guided the entire process to the full satisfaction of their customer. 

Advertising channels used by “Hundejause”

“Hundejause” has a strong presence on social media and uses them for their marketing activities. 

Mobile Commerce

For Bernd Boder, Category Manager at “Hundejause”, there is enormous potential in mobile commerce since online shopping, e.g. at, is incredibly simple.
Here’s an example: What do you do during a commercial break?  Grab your smartphone or tablet,  go to, enter your payment details, and conveniently complete the checkout. Only a few days later your furry best friend may enjoy their favorite treat.

The future

In the next two years, “Hundejause” intends to generate 10 % to 15 % of the company´s overall turnover with their online shop. To achieve this target, marketing measures are increasingly geared towards e-commerce. 

Interview with Bernd Boder, Category Manager