Case study

It all began with a dream Judith has been having for a long time. As a learned confectioner, Judith always wanted to start her own business and make her sweet pieces of art available for everyone. The idea was born and the trademark “Judith und die Torten” („Judith and the cakes“) was established, which turned out to be a success right from the start. Wedding cakes, macarons, cupcakes, birthday cakes and other sweets are just a few examples of the delicious treats which are offered for any occasion.

Posted on 12.06.2017 at 10:10


Judith an the cakes

The challenge

It was only a matter of time until the idea of “homemade” cakes, pastries and cookies would experience a revival. Thus, a second store which offers cake and baking accessories and is very well-frequented, has opened to complement the existing store in Baden. 

As a result of the stores’ great popularity, the establishment of an online shop was the next logical step to take. A close companion and reliable partner was soon found in Wirecard CEE and the online shop was quickly and successfully established. 

Keeping pace with the ever-changing delicious creations and updating pictures in the online shop has turned out to be quite a challenge. A keen sense of keeping focus on the latest trends while at the same time realizing ideas with loving attention to details are the secrets of success.  

Collaboration with Wirecard CEE

When it comes to technical know-how, Wirecard CEE, as payment service provider, is the most reliable partner to count on. Comfortable and intuitive navigation, a quick and simple payment process and state-of-the-art technologies offer consumers a great shopping experience. 

Wirecard’s payment solutions have become an integral and indispensable part in the world of eCommerce. Consulting and customer support are provided by Wirecard CEE to the entire satisfaction of „Judith und die Torten“. 

Advertising channels used by „Judith und die Torten“

Social media have been playing an important role right from the beginning and have thus contributed to the company’s great success.  Of course, the great marketing benefits of Google Adwords are also obvious. The secret lies in the right mix and constant online presence. 

Customer support

Consulting and customer support are nowadays a must-have. As the company's experience shows, communication is the best way to create customer loyalty. 

The future

In future, „Judith und die Torten“ will place more emphasis on the B2B sector, i.e. selling to businesses. Also, the company is investing heavily in brand awareness to get more traffic on the website.  

Interview with Markus Ruess, Sales Manager