Case study

With a cultivated area of 80 hectares in Austria, the Hillinger winery is one of the major wine producers in the top-quality segment in Austria. Since Leo Hillinger took over his father’s small wine business in 1990, he has been developing operations through intelligent structural reforms and acquisitions of good locations around Jois and Rust, turning the winery into a model Austrian company.  His passionate commitment has been rewarded in many respects.

Posted on 24.07.2018 at 09:00

More than wine!


The challenge 

Leo Hillinger has been turning his dream into reality since 2004, pressing quality wines and positioning these in different brand channels, from the food trade to award-winning restaurants. With the launching of an online shop, another important distribution channel was added to market the portfolio on a broad basis. The challenge was to find a payment solution, which fulfills all requirements of the winery and provides a convenient and transparent payment process for consumers. 

Collaboration with Wirecard CEE 

“The payment solution of Wirecard CEE is designed to offer our consumers an easy and convenient payment experience. Integration into our online shop was smooth and we are very content with the entire implementation”, asserts Klaus Carhaun, Hill Lounge & Event Manager. 

Mobile Commerce 

For Hillinger winery, the trend from desktop purchases to mobile purchases (smartphone and tablet) is evident. This development was another reason to opt for Wirecard - all payment solutions are responsive and the payment page adapts automatically to the consumer’s tablet or smartphone.  

Advertising channels used by "Hillinger"

Hillinger uses newsletters, Social Media, TV and print campaigns for promotion and advertising. 

Tips & tricks for future online shop operators 

The main challenge is to design an online shop, which is convenient to use and provides consumers with sufficient information and high-quality content. Each wine is described with great attention to its specific characteristics and flavors. This encourages consumers to purchase the wine right away without prior wine tasting.  

“Quality before speed”- is the winery’s guiding principle which is also reflected in the well-conceived design of the online shop. The key is to rely on partners with long-time experience and expertise. This is why Hillinger winery opted for Wirecard CEE as their reliable partner.

 Interview with Klaus Carhaun, Hill Lounge & Event Manager