Case study

At Mitraco, three generations of employees unite proven quality with inspiring visions of the future. The company successfully operates the official fan shop of the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB) as well as a shop for personalized promotional articles. Mitraco’s formula for success: know-how, gained from decades of experience is complemented by enhanced service and tailor-made solutions.

Posted on 06.08.2016 at 10:00

Official Fanshop of the Austrian Football Association

Mitraco - offical fan shop

The challenge

”In my opinion, detailed product descriptions and good and precise photos are crucial,” explains Ilona Bosch-Holzeis, Head of Marketing at Mitraco. “When visiting the online fan shop, customers exactly know what they are looking for, and they continue to browse through the wide selection of fan merchandise and are very often inclined to add more articles to their shopping carts.”

As a basic rule, the online shop must have a clear design as customers shall find easily everything they need. Things that are logical to a person are often not really evident and apparent to other people who do not know the company or the products. The greatest challenge is to win as many potential customers as possible and as quickly as possible.

Cooperation with Wirecard CEE

When it comes to the checkout procedure, Mitraco trusts in the secure and simple payment process offered by Wirecard CEE. Mitraco is very pleased about the cooperation with Wirecard CEE as everything is running very smoothly.

Mobile Commerce: Smartphone and tablet

Mobile commerce holds great potential for Mitraco. Especially for fan merchandise the company notes a pronounced tendency to impulse buying, in other words, fans are more eager to buy fan articles whenever the Austrian national team is successful. Offering fans the possibility to buy and pay articles quickly and conveniently via smartphone turns out to be an additional and very important asset.

Advertising channels

Mitraco regularly sends out newsletters covering different topics, e.g. the promotion of the ÖFB online shop. Also, Google Adwords is used to improve the company’s search engine ranking.

Customer service

For Mitraco, service is a very important part of their business. Whenever a customer is unhappy with an article or has ordered the wrong article, Mitraco makes every effort to ensure customer satisfaction.

Also, the online shop’s portfolio is continuously expanded with new product lines both for fan gear and merchandise. In addition, Mitraco regularly invites external advisers to test the online shop. Their feedback is a valuable source of information and new ideas to improve the online shop.

Interview with Ilona Bosch-Holzeis, Head of Marketing