Case study

The hearts of fashionistas and vintage lovers beat faster when they enter Nicole Moser’s boutique or online shop “ShopLifeBalance”.

Posted on 19.06.2017 at 10:10

Vintage clothing for fashionistas

ShopLifeBalance - brands for fashionistas

The challenge

Fashion expert Nicole Moser specializes in women’s clothing, handbags, shoes and accessories by the most famous and celebrated fashion designers such as Gucci, Michael Kors and Luis Vuitton. Fashion lovers who have no possibility to shop in the “ShopLifeBalance” store may now browse the vast online selection and choose their favorite pieces. 

When Nicole Moser decided to open up her online shop she was facing the challenge to create the same unique shopping experience for customers she did not know personally which so far only in-store customers were able to enjoy. The idea was to wrap each product in silk paper and enclose a handwritten personalized message. This gesture adds a personal touch to the customers shopping experience and keeps customers coming back. 

Collaboration with Wirecard CEE

Above all it is important to prevent the online shoppers from leaving the shop, especially towards the end of the checkout process. If customers cannot select their preferred payment method to complete the order, the checkout process is canceled and the shop’s conversion rate will go down.
This scenario was enough reason for Nicole Moser to offer the most popular payment methods in her online shop - PayPal, credit cards and SOFORT Überweisung. Throughout the entire process, Wirecard CEE has provided expert advice and valuable assistance. Thus, Wirecard CEE has proven to be a reliable partner the company can trust.

Mobile Commerce

For Nicole Moser there is still great potential in mobile commerce. Thanks to tablets and telephone, shopping is no longer bound to time and place. The online shop’s responsive design or the use of an app help to boost the shopping experience.

Advertising channels used by „ShopLifeBalance“

“ShopLifeBalance” does local advertising work and actively uses Facebook and Instagram. These social media channels are best suited to provide customers with the latest it-pieces and must-haves. In addition, search engine marketing and optimization are considered efficient tools to be successful and to draw customers’ attention to the shop. 

Tips & tricks for future online shop owners

For Nicole Moser the true challenge is the planning process. Therefore she was studying many best practice examples prior to launching her online shop in order to find out what her customers really wanted. Another key issue is finding the right partner for the realization of the project. Detailed planning and continuous evaluations are also necessary during project realization to direct the project to the right channels. Discovering new things and adding them to the shop is the recipe for success. For developers, this is quite a challenge since there must be a clear understanding of issues that cannot wait and issues that may be neglected. 

Interview with Nicole Moser, founder and owner