Case study

The company is specialized on the production and commercialization of biologic tea and spices.

Posted on 03.06.2015 at 10:54

SONNENTOR – Biologische Tees und Gewürze

Sonnentor - tea & spices

Sonnentor was founded in 1988 by Johannes Gutmann in Sprögnitz. The focus lies on production and commercialization of biologic tea, coffee, cacao and spices. All products are branded with the smiling sun – it’s a mediaeval symbol with 24 rays.

Decisions for an online shop

Sonnentor is always looking for new sales channels and improvements to serve all customers very fast. Therefore Sonnentor made the decision to implement an online shop and the appropriate payment method.

Cooperation with Wirecard CEE

It was very important to the company that the payment methods, which will be integrated on the website, is uncomplicated, intuitive, logical and safe. They really appreciate the comprehensive consultancy of Wirecard CEE, especially the support hotline always helps in any cases. The quick support, good conditions and the problem-free hardware convinced Sonnentor to cooperate with Wirecard CEE.

Mobile Commerce: Usage of Smartphones and Tablets for online shopping

Although there are provider who offer this service for free (without a monthly fee), Sonnentor decided to take the well-known provider Wirecard CEE. The company wants to reach every customer. Therefore they combine different sales channels. In the walk-in stores Sonnentor offers a shopping experience because of the friendly and competent employees and the special “sense-experience”.

With the online shop the company reaches a younger audience. As said before, the company wants to reach different customers through different sales channels.

The security

Security has highest priority for Sonnentor. All transactions are safe. The money flow can’t be intercepted by a third party.