Case study

It all began with the desire to equip a new apartment while saving as much money as possible. In doing so, Alexander Mann, founder and CEO of the thinKing GmbH, was not willing to compromise individual character, style and the use of ecological materials. Thus the idea was born to produce affordable furniture made out of cardboard which are now available online at Together with a team of unconventional thinkers and creative minds, the first piece of furniture produced in series, the thinSeat, was created. The lightweight and extremely solid seat is mounted in no time without using any glue or tools.

Posted on 04.08.2016 at 10:00

Creating your own cardboard kingdom

the thinKing - cardboard furniture

The challenge

Nowadays it has become a big challenge to stand out from the crowd, to offer something special that sets your business apart, and of course, to have a business that is found online by potential customers. In the beginning, time was an essential factor and yet difficult to assess, as a result of which the market launch was delayed several times. But, a good thing is worth waiting for. Business prospects are now excellent, particularly when new technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality are exploited.

The configurator

The online product configurator allows to design a thinSeat according to the customer’s ideas and wishes. Thus, a seat is not just a simple piece of furniture that catches the eye and adds unique touch to your living room, but also is a perfect branding opportunity for your company, e.g. in your exhibition booth at trade fairs. The online shop itself harbors great potential since being on the pulse of time and offering extraordinary products creates enormous business opportunities.

Advertising channels

Currently, print media and social media are used primarily as advertising channels. The best advertising impact is achieved when potential customers have the possibility to hold a product in their own hands, as is the case at trade fairs and similar events. Newsletters are not yet used for advertising and marketing, although there are plans to send out newsletters in future. The company does not issue any loyalty cards because of the strong and firm conviction that the smartphone will replace the conventional purse. Perhaps a virtual royalty card will be available in future.

Cooperation with Wirecard CEE

Thanks to the implemented Wirecard CEE payment solution, the operation of the online shop has become much easier. With only one click all payments and transactions can be retrieved and forwarded to the company’s tax counselor. Thus, valuable time is saved and can be spent on the really important things - designing extraordinary furniture!

Customer service

At thinKing, customer service is the most important aspect in business and every effort is made to respond to questions or suggestions within one day. In future, the company plans to introduce a live chat to give customers a timely feedback on any questions and issues.

The future

Prototypes for new products are waiting in the wings and will allow the kingdom of the thinKing to expand even further. “We have plans to enter the Slovenian market. If everything goes well, we shall conquer all of Europe pretty soon,” asserts an Alexander Mann.

Interview with Alexander Mann, founder and CEO