Case study

Splashline is known for the legendary event called “Summer Splash” (European biggest final exam event). As a second mainstay the company also offers events like Springbreak, Snowbreak and Reunion. The target group is between 16-35 years. Clients of the company are mainly located in Austria and Germany. Customers in Switzerland, Italy, France and Luxemburg will be served through the partners.

Posted on 21.01.2016 at 13:33


Splashline - legendary events

The cooperation with Wirecard CEE

At the beginning only credit card payments could be accepted. But over time also additional payment methods were implemented like SOFORT Überweisung and PayPal.  Splashline really appreciates the uncomplicated integration and the support of Wirecard CEE. Events like “Good Morning ePayment” are also popular.

The Checkout Page was integrated very easy and with low costs – perfect for the entry. The switch to Checkout Seamless was necessary in order to reach a better integration within the booking process. It was also very important to make the processes fit for mobile phones and tablets.

Advertising channels of Splashline

Due to the young target grout most advertising is done on Social Media Channels like Facebook, Instagramm, Google+, Youtube, WhatsApp and Twitter. Nevertheless the personal contact and the cooperations with local HotSpot-operators are still important nowadays. In addition to that newsletters are also send out regularly in order to keep the customers updated.

Customer service and personal consultancy

The products of Splashline are very simply and therefore a personal consultancy is not always necessary. But it is very important to display the whole booking process very transparent. The needed information for a valid booking has to be clear from the beginning. Important information regarding the service should be available in an easy way.

Challenges and chances regarding the E-Commerce entry

It’s a big challenge to optimize the products, so they can be also booked online. At the moment we are talking about smartphones and tablets, but in the future maybe you can book via TV or the apple watch.


The future

Splashline already has some new ideas for the future (Party-cruises, hotel concept for young people, etc.). It is very important to improve all the marketing activities and you have to pay attention to new media and trends.