Case study

When you are looking for exquisite spirits, high-quality oils or delicious specialties, you should definitely browse through the wide range of products offered at The company has specialized in high-quality and luxury food which is also sold in numerous gourmet food stores. „Establishing an online shop was the best way to fill the white spots on Austria’s gourmet map,” explains Bernhard Kuster, owner of VOM FASS Bregenz and Dornbirn, the decision to open an additional distribution channel.

Posted on 15.08.2016 at 12:10

Delicious Specialities

VOM FASS - delicious specialties

The challenge

It is a great learning process for the company to gain a sufficient understanding of the differences between physical store and online shop. Great opportunities arise as customers may seek information prior to visiting a store and may decide to go shopping whenever they please. In other words, shopping is made possible 24/7.

Cooperation with Wirecard CEE

Since VOM FASS products have been available so far only in physical stores, it was not possible to draw upon years of in-company experience with online business. Therefore it was pretty clear from the beginning that a payment service provider with adequate resources and know-how needed to be selected as a partner.

Experienced consulting service regarding appropriate payment methods and a smooth connection to the shop system were of utmost importance to the company.

VOM FASS is perfectly satisfied with the integrated payment solution. Also, Wirecard CEE is always ready to give additional advice and information to support the company’s decisions. If there are any queries, they are gladly answered by Wirecard‘s professional and competent staff.

Customer service

Customer service plays an important role for the company, both for online and offline business. Experience drawn from the latter is fed back into the design and development of the online shop. In doing so, answers to frequently asked questions are used as input in product descriptions.

Advertising channels

As products are sold both online and offline, VOM FASS trusts in a well-balanced marketing mix. Loyalty cards are issued to customers and traditional mailings and newsletters are sent out.

VOM FASS is very conscious to point out the company’s online and offline activities in all marketing and advertising campaigns. Thus, it is up to customers to decide where and when to go shopping.

The future

In future, different marketing strategies such as banner advertisement, remarketing, etc. shall be tested. Here, customer analyses has highest priority. The customer profile is crucial in the development of successful and effective advertising campaigns.

Interview with Bernhard Kuster, owner of VOM FASS