Case study

„Da gibt’s ordentlich was auf den Löffel,“ in English “That´s quite a spoonful” is the company’s playful mission statement. All products are based on traditional recipes using high quality ingredients from controlled organic cultivation. Florian Zagler blends these carefully selected ingredients with blossom honey from organic Austrian agriculture creating delicious breakfast cereals and muesli.

Posted on 14.03.2018 at 15:07

That´s quite a spoonful


The challenge

In Austria’s first organic muesli company, the air is filled with the delicious aroma of honey, grain, fruits, nuts and spices. Florian Zagler, General Manager of Müslibär, uses high quality organic ingredients to create a new generation of premium muesli which will make you strong as a “Müslibear”. Honey flavored cereals which are freshly prepared every day are the company’s specialty. 

As from the beginning of this year, Müslibär has started to use new distribution channels - online and mobile, thus developing a second sales channel in addition to the traditional stationary business.

„We believe that success needs the right blend of online, offline and mobile. That is why we have decided for this omni-channel strategy in 2018. Although we still need to develop the required structures for this new sales channel, we see the clear added value for our business since both channels, online and offline will push one another,” explains Florian Ziegler. 

Collaboration with Wirecard CEE

The advantages are clear: Müslibär is looking for a full service provider, a company providing everything from one single source. Wirecard CEE offers quick and professional realization combined with comprehensive expertise.

„Both Service and consulting provided by Wirecard CEE are unique,“ underlines Florian Ziegler. “The team is very helpful, has profound knowledge and answers any questions promptly and quickly.” 

The future

Müslibär intends to generate about 50 % of its sales online. The company sees clear and great potential in online business and therefore has many plans and ideas for the future. 

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce has also become an integral part in this business. The online shop is widely optimized for mobile devices - a topic which will be focused even more intensely in the future. 

Advertising channels used by Müslibär

For Müslibär advertising across all available social media channels is essential, with Google playing a decisive role. There are also plans to send out a Müslibär newsletter in the near future. 

Interview with Florian Zagler, B.A. General Manager and owner