Andreas Hafellner Head of Development, authorized representative
Julia Mader Assistant IT
Angelika Strmschek Scrum Master, Project Manager
Peter Ebelsberger Principal Test Architect
Horst Fickel Lead Business Analyst
Jürgen Eger Team Lead Software Engineer
Christoph Petz Team Lead Software Engineer
Jakub Polomsky Team Lead Software Engineer
Timon Rönisch Team Lead Software Engineer
Oliver Flaggl Team Lead Software Engineer
Christian Hofer Software Engineer
Bojan Gorisek Software Engineer
Reka Horvath Software Engineer
Jacqueline Rinnhofer Software Engineer
Ziga Kajzer Software Engineer
Tomaz Puhar Software Engineer
Markus Hobisch Software Engineer
David Cautin Software Engineer
Herbert Knapp Automation Engineer
Josef Tschiggerl Team Lead Operation Engineer
Lukas Rath Operation Engineer
Michael Dusleag Operation Engineer
Nicole Lobmaier Project Manager
Florian Huber Compliance Manager
Sascha Leitner Junior Compliance Manager
Wolfgang Harder-Pachernegg Head of Support & Deputy Head of IT
Armin Suppan Deputy Head of Support
Manuel Friedl Lead Merchant Onboarding
Peter Koderhold 2nd Level Support Engineer
Aron Lengyel Support Engineer
Ralph Vaczulik Merchant Onboarding Engineer
Manfred Hölzl Support Engineer
Manuel Zotter Support Engineer
Dominik Ruess Support Engineer
Adis Brkic Support Engineer
Filip Trenchevski Support Engineer
Mojca Felbar Support Engineer
Manuel Mann Support Engineer
Manfred Schmidl Compliance Engineer
Jakob Lechner Compliance Engineer
Claudia Ploszanski Team Lead Academy & Senior Project Manager
Thomas Skarget Solution Consultant
Johannes Durstberger Senior Product Manager