OpenCart – Online shop for small and medium-sized enterprises

Get the most out of cross-selling

OpenCart, an open source system developed in Hong Kong, was originally designed for the English speaking market only. Meanwhile, growing demand has been recognized and various language packages, currency details, exchange rates and VAT details are now available for download.

OpenCart is the most suitable solution for online shop owners who wish to offer up to 100 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units = articles). For larger online shops some very important requirements are not implemented, e.g. an interface to integrate external systems.

Free of charge user guides and tutorials are available to become familiar with the software. The design is customizable and a series of free of charge templates and extensions are provided for the German speaking market.

In OpenCart, categories to assign products can be created and discounts and specials can be set. Also, the quantity of articles in stock is displayed for customers in real time. The OpenCart cross-selling module opens up new possibilities since it allows to link similar products to each other.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
Meta descriptions and keywords can be set for each product category. A description text can be added to each product which in turn allows to achieve optimal placement in Google search results.

In short
OpenCart is perfectly suited for small and medium-sized online shops. The customizable design and cross-selling possibilities are convenient ways to boost sales. Thanks to the Wirecard shop extension, the Wirecard CEE payment solution is integrated quickly and easily.

In brief

  • Advantages
    • User friendliness
    • Easy operation
    • Guest checkout
    • Responsive design

  • Disadvantages
    • No automatic upgrade system
    • Users are responsible for the hosting
    • Programming skills are required for individual adaptations

  • Integration "Wirecard Shop Extension"

    Thanks to the Wirecard Shop Extension, the integration of a Wirecard CEE payment solution is quick and easy.