OXID eSales – The Open Source Online Shop

OXID eSales is the scalable omni-channel platform for your success in B2B and B2C commerce.

OXID eSales is an online shop software which is available as an Open Source version free of charge alongside the Community Edition, and it is becoming increasingly popular. This shop is suitable for any merchant who wishes to offer a medium to large product assortment and already has some experience in e-commerce.
The shop system is also available as fee-based Enterprise Edition or Professional Edition. Different features are available in each package, such as a staging system, multi-client capability, roles and rights and interfaces.

The software contains functions which enable shops to be set up internationally. Country-specific details such as language, tax rate and payment methods can be correspondingly adapted.

Consumers benefit from a modern shop software which combines intuitive catalogue management and integrated CMS. Product data can be easily integrated. In addition, colours and different options can be selected individually.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): The shop system contains integrated elements which optimise the online shop for search engines. Additional tools, such as the integration of coupons and discounts, or the creation of a Google sitemap, complement the marketing features.

In short
The OXID eSales online shop provides a huge scope of functions, simple expandability and many additional features. Thanks to the Wirecard Shop Module, the integration of a Wirecard CEE payment solution is quick and easy.

In brief

  • Advantages
    • Adaption of the design to corporate identity
    • Search engine friendly
    • Multilingual
    • Integrated content management system
    • Consumer assessments for articles
    • Clear order and consumer management in the administration area
    • Simple handling of product data
    • Integration of different marketing measures, e.g. cross-selling, discounts
    • Possibility of connecting to ERP systems
    • Free Wirecard Shop Module for OXID eSales

  • Disadvantages
    • Insufficient structured backend
    • Limited number of provided templates
  • Factsheet

    We will be presenting a shop system in each issue of our customer magazine Wirecard CEE News.

    You can find the article about Oxid eSales on page 10:

    >>> Wirecard CEE News 02/2016

  • Integration "Wirecard Shop Module"

    Thanks to the Wirecard Shop Module, the integration of a Wirecard CEE payment solution is quick and easy.


    • Perfectly adapted to the respective interface
    • Free use:
      Shop Module
    • Regular maintenance and updates
    • Low integration efforts