Ubercart and Drupal – A widely used combination by online shop owners

Ubercart excels through a wide range of search engine tools.

The e-commerce solution Ubercart was developed for the Content Management System (CMS) Drupal. Ubercart allows to configure product catalogs and sell products online. Drupal is one of the leading content management systems and, thanks to a large community, offers extensive support to users. 

Different modules allow to adapt the shop system to individual requirements. I.e. integration of modules such as Google Analytics, XML site maps, newsletter and e-mails, similar products, affiliate system and a market place setup is possible.

However, when it comes to meeting each and every requirement the challenges are more complex and profound development skills are required. 

Search engine optimization (SEO):
The Drupal software scope also contains features for search engine optimization such as adaptable title tag structure, adaptable URLs and meta descriptions. These features may also be used for Ubercart. However, an eye should be kept on search engine compatibility as early as during the design phase of the online shop. 

The Ubercart front-end design is quite simple and functions are in line with conventional online shops. After the login, all products may be managed in a clear and organized way. 

In short
Thanks to a large and committed community, Drupal and Ubercart offer users comprehensive support. In addition, numerous SEO tools push the Google ranking of the shop. Thanks to the Wirecard shop plugin, the Wirecard CEE payment solution is integrated quickly and easily.

In brief

  • Advantages
    • Free of charge online shop software
    • SEO friendly
    • Extensive modules
    • Large community
    • Clear and organized product management 
  • Disadvantages
    • Individual adaptations require profound development skills
    • Suited for small and medium sized shops only. For larger shops some important requirements are missing that allow to scope with an increased number of products, countries and transactions.

  • Integration "Wirecard Shop Plugin"

    Thanks to the Wirecard Shop Plugin, the integration of a Wirecard CEE payment solution is quick and easy.