Certificates and seals of quality

  • PCI DSS certification

    The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was established by world's leading credit card institutions with the aim to enhance the security level in credit card processing for all involved parties.

    A yearly evalution process done by Qualified Security Assessors is mandatory in order to comply with PCI DSS regulations.

    • Protection against credit card theft and fraud
    • Identification of vulnerabilities and minimisation of risks
    • Proof of security by certificate
    • Significant revenue increase through more customer confidence (according to studies)
    PCI DSS certification
  • SSL - strong encryption

    When processing online credit card transactions, you have to proof that the content provided is trustable and from a certain company. Showing the Thawte® Trusted Site Seal to the customer means that communication is secured through strong enryption and the company's identity was verified. Hence the site is more trustable.

  • EURO-LABEL – Austria's e-commerce quality label

    Above quality label documents that you reside on a legitimate online web shop.

    • The company commits to comply with Austria's data protection act
    • Customer oriented, secure payment methods are offered
    • Customer service is validated
    • If you experience problems during purchase you have the possibility to engage a free mediation
    • A customer-friendly and secure payment method is offered
    EURO-LABEL – Austria's e-commerce quality label
  • E-Commerce Quality - quality label for secure online shopping

    E-Commerce Quality, the internet quality sign of Austria's trade association, stands for secure and legitimate online trading. Data protection, transparent price and order information as well as a secure payment process are monitored and approved by the neutral ECQ assessment office.

    The internet label E-Commerce Quality proofs the following points:

    • Identity of online provider and authenticity of online services
    • Information about company contact and products
    • Information about product return and refund
    E-Commerce Quality - quality label for secure online shopping
  • E-Government quality label

    The e-government quality sign was created on initiative of the IKT board of Austria's government in the year 2003. The purpose of this quality label is, to quickly signalise the e-government website's reliability and security to the consumer. In order to attain this quality label the service provider has to comply to strict and clearly defined quality policies.

    E-Government quality label