Minimise online payment fraud

Effective fraud prevention for online credit card payments

As part of Wirecard CEE's risk management services, our Fraud Prevention Suite offers effective protection against fraud. All relevant transaction parameters are verified using complex industry-specific guidelines. Our Fraud Prevention Suite enables early recognition and prevention of fraud.

This solution can be used immediately, and can also be tailored to suit your specific requirements. You can also set up whitelists and blacklists to be taken into account when processing payments. The aim is to find the right balance between preventing fraud and lost sales through incorrect rejection of transactions.


  • Hotlisting

    Verifies transactions against retailers' specific blacklists and whitelists. These lists can include card numbers, IP addresses, IP address ranges and email addresses.



  • Standard velocity check

    Rejects transactions if they exceed a predefined number of transactions per card a day/week/month.



  • Extended velocity check

    Check I: rejects transactions if too many authorisation attempts are made using different card numbers via the same email/IP address within a given period.

    Check II: rejects transactions if too many different cardholder names or email addresses are used with the same card.

  • Automated hotlisting

    Rejects transactions if email address, IP address or card has previously been used in known unlawful transactions (depends on the acquirer).



  • Tolerant IP/BIN check

    Will only accept transactions if the country in which the card was issued matches the country in which the end user's IP address is located. The term "tolerant" means, for example, that French cards will also be accepted from Luxembourg and French overseas territories.



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