Posted on 06/22/2017 at 09:30

Next generation logistics or modern package delivery

Presents. Packages have not been delivered by Father Christmas for a long time, but by postmen, parcel services or couriers.

Holidays and Christmas are the time of giving. The transport of the many packages of drones, self-propelled cars or robots could be taken away in the foreseeable future, even from the Christmas period business. As more and more goods are purchased in the distance selling market, traders must also take on a new approach in terms of transport and logistics in order to be able to optimally serve their customers in the future.
It is about being flexible. The customer may wish to change the delivery address after ordering, pick up their shipment directly in a store or at another pickup point. A further approach is the Car boot delivery. Here the delivery address corresponds to the current parking location of your own car. Authorized delivery companies can unlock the car via an app and unlock the trunk. Other systems, such as delivery boxes, which can be fastened to the front door, also try to eliminate problems on the "last mile" before delivery.

The conclusion of purchase and payment
The smoothest delivery process is, however, useless, if traders are already failing at an upstream hurdle: the conclusion of purchase and payment. Here too, one can observe: The one point of "cash", that is, only one place in the buying process to which effective money flows, is no longer there. Instead, many more doors are open for payment. In the Onlineshop, through the app, in the shop on the spot or by invoice. Customers always decide anew when and how they want to pay. If the goods ordered online are collected in the shop, the customer would like to decide which Touchpoint he prefers to pay. Here too, all processes have to be seamlessly interlinked in order to provide the best possible service for the customer.
This also includes taking care of returning customers to ensure that subsequent payments are made as easy as possible. This can be achieved, for example, by storing payment data when shopping in the Onlineshop. The customer does not have to enter all their data again when ordering, but can order directly. The use of professional payment solutions is unavoidable in order to offer such services. In addition to simplified payment procedures, a wide range of payment methods, international orientation and cross-channel solutions, such as the increasing use of mobile terminals, is also an advantage. Traders need only include the services of an experienced payment service provider in their workflows.

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