Posted on 03/28/2017 at 09:30

Please, I need full E-Power

Innovations in the area of ​​e-mobility and use of energy protect environment and costs.

More and more powerful electric vehicles are coming onto the market, and the demand for more e-charging stations is increasing. Drivers must also know where the next charging station is located. Founded in 2013, ENIO is a network of European car dealerships for electric vehicles and now operates more than 1,500 charging points.
The technological basis is implemented together with T-Systems, while charging columns equipped with SIM cards enable intelligent energy and load management. As a Cloud solution, the charging points are connected to a back-end system operated by T-Systems and manage the data exchange between the energy drivers and the charging points. Also included are the current power consumption in the grid as well as the number and charging status of the e-vehicles.
Also recorded is which car has consumed a lot of current, for example for individual invoicing in multi-family houses. Wirecard CEE has developed a payment solution for the billing at the shop where a QR code is read in and then paid via Smartphone. "With our e-filling station infrastructure, we offer a practical overview and also combine e-refuelling and payment by push-button printing," says Fritz Vogel, Managing Director at ENIO.

Sun or wind
The start-up aWATTar is also active in the area of ​​intelligent energy use. The pioneer of the Green Energy Movement has developed a method by which customers can individually convert their electricity consumption into sunny or windy hours, thus benefiting from the surges of the green electricity price and, in addition, settling hourly.
As a start-up in the technological field, a professional market presence and customer communication were important for aWATTar. The atms service provider set up an easy-to-remember landline number as a central contact element, where calls are distributed to the available contact persons via a cloud-based, automated system. "This virtual call centre solution is where localized systems reach their limits and the use of the Cloud allows flexible work and cost-efficiency", explains Markus Buchner, Managing Director of atms.

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