Posted on 06/26/2017 at 09:30

Sell and Buy and Pay anywhere and anytime

Mobility. Modern online payment systems provide additional functionalities for customers and traders.

Electro-mobility is becoming an increasingly important issue not only just in urban areas. In Austria, more and more companies are launching innovative solutions on the market, which simplify and push forward mobility with electric vehicles. The Austrian Startup ENIO, for example, operates a network with over 2500 retail outlets. All sites can be viewed via the app and the next electric "filling station" can be located. The consumer can also settle payments through this app. Together with Wirecard CEE, the company developed its own solution for use and secure billing with Smartphones.

"With the increasing demand for e-mobility vehicles, the need for appropriate charging stations is growing and we are offering a practical network of an e-filling station infrastructure. With the support of Wirecard CEE, we are linking key presses and payment via the internet", explains Fritz Vogel, Managing Director and Partner at ENIO. By means of payment via Mastercard, Maestro or Visa, customers first load credit through the app. You only need to enter your personal PIN at the charging station directly and then payment is complete.

Extensive transformation in media-industry
Another area where digitalisation has already initiated extensive transformations is in the media industry. Many segments and business models have by now migrated to the net and are handled digitally up to the process. One area that has been detected at an early stage by this development is the advertising business, as for cars, homes, jobs adverts or private sales. In order to bring together supply and demand in the areas of apartments, cars, fashion, and entertainment electronics, modern media houses such as, operate their own online marketplaces. Here, sales quotes can be given out at any time and from anywhere or purchases concluded, and appropriate payment procedures are necessary for a smooth process.

The Styria Media Group relies on the direct transfer method, Immediate Transfer (Sofort Überweisung) with and other digital platforms of this media company, where transactions with real-time confirmation in seconds, easy registration procedures and at the same time the highest security standards are guaranteed. "Internet payments must be secure, fast and easy, Immediate Transfer is ideally suited for this", Styria Media Group's Ralph Hausegger explains.

An increasing use of digital payment services is also events and shows. The Seefestspiele Mörbisch and the Salzburg State Theatre process their online payments for example also with Immediate Transfer (Sofort Überweisung). This type of payment additionally no longer allows any return debits, the customer can no longer claim the money back after the event. This also eliminates the problem of reserved tickets not being picked up. Reserved tickets are already paid for and organizers and dealers do not take on any risks.

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