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Your payment page for all branches and products

The secure payment page with a custom design – for a seamless shopping experience and rapid online payment processing.

The Wirecard Payment Page is a modern and state-of-the-art payment page enabling fast and free integration into the design of your online shop. Using the intuitive Payment Page Designer Tool, you can design your payment page exactly as you wish, without the need for any design or programming experience. 






In addition to hosting the payment page, Wirecard also handles the processing of your selected payment methods in accordance with all security requirements. Take advantage of this intelligent payment solution and offer your customers a smooth payment process in an instant.

The Wirecard Payment Page delivers a highly configurable, secure and smooth checkout experience which reflects the requirements of the modern marketplace. It centers on maximizing convenience and user experience of the checkout process.

You benefit from:

  • Modern, responsive and highly customizable visuals 
  • State-of-the-art interface
  • Choice between First Name/Last Name and Cardholder Name in credit card forms
  • Order items listed on the payment form
  • Fast processing of payments 
  • Extended metadata
  • Tried & tested payment process
  • No payment page development or hosting needed
  • Ensured PCI DSS compliance
  • A large variety of supported payment methods
  • Extensive localization
  • Automatic card brand recognition
  • 3-D Secure support 

Design now your Payment Page!

    The Wirecard Payment Page is available in several languages and supports a wide range of national and international payment options, including all major credit cards and popular alternative payment methods.
    The Wirecard Payment Page complies with PCI DSS security standards. All payments are verified and processed in real time, so customers and merchants receive an instant response regarding the successful payment.
    Do you want to optimise the design of your payment page, offer new payment options or use an embedded payment page rather than a hosted one? The Payment Page can be easily adapted to your needs.
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