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Good design sells, and is just as important as the quality of the product it represents. Visual aesthetic is a critical factor in the decisions consumers make about a business and its products. But crafting an alluring design is no small task, which usually comes at a considerable expense of time and money. 

The Payment Page Designer (PPD) simplifies this process and allows you to deploy attractive designs without the usual constraints.

Developed with efficiency in mind, the Payment Page Designer empowers you with the ability to build a professional-grade aesthetic for you product presentation very quickly and with little technical know-how.

Your benefits:

  • Compelling designs without the need for code, complicated editing or industry experience
  • A comprehensive array of tools, fonts and effects available out-of-the-box
  • Extensive customization to meet the demands of modern branding and image standards
  • Fully responsive designs, with live previews for multiple platforms
  • Built-in theme management

Design now your Payment Page!

Carefully selected fonts, backgrounds, color schemes and icons provide a powerful starter bundle, with additional tools expanding the freedom of customization, including:

  • Optional CSS code
  • Color palettes with RGB & HEX selectors
  • Logo and background images uploal
  • Custom fonts upload
  • Theme import/export capabilities
  • Personalized payment pages based on consumer data

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Status 19-06-18

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